How do you sum up the first year of progress towards the goals in our 2022-2024 Strategic Plan?  

This past year, we saw good news and bad; stories that cause us to worry and those that inspire us to dream big.  Environmental justice issues continue to threaten the BIPOC communities with whom we work.  Urban and suburban polluted runoff is increasing amid inconsistent enforcement by government agencies, new development, and climate change. 

Despite these challenges, IPC is committed to our plan to restore the Chesapeake’s sacred waters, shared lands, and beloved communities – but we need your continued help to implement these plans!

Just one year into IPC’s  ambitious 3-year strategic plan, we are making great progress towards our 5 overarching goals and key outcomes: 

  1. Installed 8.5 acres of conservation projects, which puts us a third of the way to our goal of 27 acres of projects
  2. Mobilized 640 people to advocate for a priority advocacy issue
  3. Trained 39 new green teams through our Faithful Green Leaders Training Program
  4. Recruited 14 Green Team Mentors to support new green teams
  5. Increased our partner congregations by 29%. 37 congregations signed the Partner Congregation Pledge
  6. Assembled a DEIJ task force to  provide recommendations and strategic support in structuring our organization and the work that we do

This is a great start to tackling today’s challenges, but there is still much to do to restore the sacred waters of the Chesapeake.  Now is the time to join us in this work to reshape the watershed and leave something for future generations!  We are quickly approaching Earth Month, which IPC will be closing out in the best way possible – by choosing to make “Every Month Earth Month" after all of the celebrations for the month.  We hope that you will join us and consider supporting IPC with a monthly gift every month to increase the positive impact and leadership capacity within your community.  IPC is challenging you to lock arms with us and help us add $200 more each month either from new or existing monthly donors to fuel what we have planned for the year ahead. Join the movement in restoring our sacred waters, shared lands, and beloved communities

In 2023 IPC is looking to hire an advocacy professional to help us educate and mobilize more of our supporters to take action on pieces of legislation that will help shape our shared watershed for future generations. We are building towards a Green Team gathering in 2024 to celebrate and honor the collective impact of our network of green teams. Your monthly support will help us bring in an amazing national speaker to kick off this event. We are also looking to create the first-ever State of Creation Care Report to share the impact of our work. This is why we need more sustaining help – adding staff and scaling our operations takes unrestricted funding from our generous supporters and funders. 

We hope that you will consider joining us to make “Every Month Earth Month” following April with a financial gift to support this work and continue fueling our efforts towards these ambitious goals.