Board Resolution: Ensuring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in All that We Do

In December 2019, IPC's Board passed a resolution outlining IPC's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. In addition to the resolution, each board committee articulates on their annual work plans how this commitment will be carried out in each committee that year. On the operations side, the Executive Director enacts staffing policies that ensure adherence to the resolution. Click here to download a copy of the resolution.


IPC’s mission of restoring and maintaining the health of the Chesapeake watershed can only be advanced with broad engagement with the watershed’s diverse communities. Environmental burdens and benefits are disproportionately distributed across the Chesapeake watershed. Stakeholder conversations that dominate the Chesapeake restoration movement often sideline the perspectives of people of color and those of underrepresented cultural and economic backgrounds. IPC recognizes that diversity and inclusion makes us stronger, smarter, and more effective and commits to being an agent of change.

Bringing about greater stakeholder diversity begins with the way we govern and manage our organization and measure our progress. As such, the Board of Trustees:

  • Strives for diversity and inclusion throughout our governance, leadership and staffing.
  • Commits to diversity and inclusion in our strategic goals, policies, initiatives, communications, and programs. 
  • Acknowledges that this work is urgent and that we will always be learning.

We believe that these core values are essential to restoring the Chesapeake Bay watershed so that all may enjoy its benefits for generations to come.

*adopted by the Board of Directors on December 2, 2019