Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake is building a movement of faith communities working together to restore, honor, and protect the Chesapeake Bay. All faith communities  throughout the Chesapeake are invited to join us in this effort. Is your congregation ready to pledge to serve as good stewards of the land and waters of the Chesapeake, and sustain the life and health of all creatures? Then be a part of this movement -- and your first step is to sign the Partner Congregation Pledge.   

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IPC's Partner Congregation Pledge

As a community of faith, we are called to honor our sacred bond with our Creator, serve as good stewards of the land and waters of the Chesapeake, and sustain the life and health of all creatures.

Through our words and actions, we pledge to:

  • Celebrate, respect, and revere the Earth’s blessings
  • Demonstrate good stewardship in how we manage our land and facilities
  • Engage members of our community in the work of caring for the environment.
  • Embrace the mission of Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake to work together to protect and restore our shared watershed

Rooted in faith and hope, we will:

  • Take actions to: 
    • educate ourselves on ways to live in harmony with the Earth and teach our congregations to be faithful stewards of the Earth and thus magnify our impact,
    • reduce our impact on the Earth at our facilities and within our institution,
    • restore our watershed through cleanups, reducing pollution, and restoration,
  • Promote local, state, and federal policies that protect natural resources for generations to come.
  • Reinforce our commitment as part of our liturgical calendar.
  • Cultivate leaders among our members who will champion watershed stewardship.
  • Use our financial, volunteer, and other resources to help in this work to restore the Earth.
  • Build connections with our broader community and share the message of restoration and respect of the Earth beyond our congregation.
  • Advocate for all communities to have access to a healthy environment.
  • Display this pledge so community members and visitors are inspired to take action.

We do all of this with gratitude for the creation which sustains all life. May we be guided by grace and compassion so that our actions may restore the beauty and balance of the Chesapeake Bay watershed – and all the Earth.  May our efforts give inspiration to others, calling them toward a path of respect and reverence for all God’s creation.

We are an Interfaith Partner for the Chesapeake.


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