Public policies are needed to bring about major change and to undo the harm that has been done to our environment, specifically the watersheds of the Chesapeake region. As individuals, and in our institutions, our behaviors can go a long way toward healing -- or harming -- the watershed. But changing public policies offers lasting, systematic change. We all have a moral obligation to engage both in the political process and to adopt behaviors that ensure justice and respect for the entire web of life.

2021 Maryland Campaigns

  • Legislation to increase funding to maintain existing public transportation vehicles and increase jobs in the public transportation sector, with a long-term plan of transitioning to a zero-emission fleet by 2024. Read more about this effort here.
  • Continuing the fight against coal power, we'll be supporting a bill that promises to close the remaining two coal plants in the state of Maryland while ensuring job transition for workers in a responsible manner. Read more.
  • Legislation for a ban on plastic bags of 4 mil thickness, similar to what was proposed in 2020 but was not voted on in time before the pandemic hit Read more.
  • The Chlorpyrifos Ban from 2020 was the only environmental bill that passed in the truncated pandemic session, and yet was vetoed by Gov. Hogan. The 2021 Maryland Assembly will not be bringing the veto override up for a vote this session, which essentially kills efforts to reverse the veto. That said, current regulations in place call for an official end to the use of Chlorpyrifos as of Dec. 31, 2021. Read more here about the reasons why IPC has supported the Chlorpyrifos Ban.

Past Campaigns

  • Frederick County faithful successfully advocated for forest protections in 2020. Read more about the legislation here
  • Maryland Legislature considered a Ban on Plastic Bags, which did not pass in the Covid-19 truncated 2020 session. Our coalition of advocates regrouped to prepare for the 2021 campaign. Read more about the efforts in 2020. 
  • Maryland passed a Ban on Chlorpyrifos in the 2020 legislative session, but then Governor Hogan vetoed it in June. Read more about the past campaign.  
  • A bill to close Maryland’s 6 remaining coal-fired electrical plants and provide transition support for affected workers was introduced for the first time ever, but did not pass in 2020. Being the first year it was introduced we were not expecting it to pass, and were pleasantly surprised at the robust support it did receive. Read more about this effort. 
  • IPC was asked by the Choose Clean Water Coalition to speak out in support of the newly formed Environmental Justice Caucus. We gathered 160 signatures to encourage Senators to join the caucus. Read more about this effort.

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