Job Openings & Requests for Proposals


AmeriCorps Volunteer Position: We are excited to accept applications for our open AmeriCorps Volunteer position, which is an 11 month, full-time (40 hours/week) position as a member of the Volunteer Maryland. The service year begins on September 16, 2020 and concludes on August 3, 2021. This position will work with the Director of the One Water Partnership program to engage congregations in our programs and sign a pledge to formalize their commitment to IPC’s mission. The AmeriCorps Volunteer will develop this voluntary program, its tracking metrics, program efficacy and on-ramp for new congregations, with the support and guidance of the Director and Executive Director. The position is primarily a remote position given the current Covid-19 situation. Volunteer Maryland provides professional development and guidance to the AmeriCorps Volunteer, and the full job description can be downloaded here. To apply, please complete our online form here and upload a resume and cover letter. Applications will be accepted until August 15, 2020. 



Exploring Innovative Funding Mechanisms to Support Installation of Green Stormwater Infrastructure on Faith-Owned Property: We are building a pipeline of congregations ready to install best management practices (BMPs) on their properties to reduce stormwater pollution and increase tree canopy. Many apply for grants to fund these BMP projects, but acquiring grants is growing increasingly competitive as the pipeline of interested congregations expands. We seek a consultant to help us explore alternative funding mechanisms, program models, or other approaches to support BMP installation on congregational land. Download the full RFP here. Upload your proposal using our submission portal. Proposals will be accepted until June 30, 2020. 

A Few Questions We Have Been Receiving...

  1. Are you looking specifically for a person with a financial/investment background? Or can a practitioner of water quality implementation who can provide alternative approaches to green infrastructure implementation put forth a proposal? Answer: We are not particularly looking for investment/finance consultants. We are keeping our mind open about all types of groups that have the ability to help us think through this problem and identify solutions.

  2. Will there be a conflict of interest for a company or team that is awarded work under this RFP to provide services under the program that is designed through the RFP? Answer: We do not see that as a conflict of interest. We see this initial phase as planning/assessment/evaluating strategies and most likely there would be multiple options presented during the course of this phase that we would choose from to move forward with. We don't see this as an opportunity for firms to prejudice the ultimate outcome.

  3. Are the technical assistance organizations that you mention in the RFP groups that you wish to continue to partner with even after your current grant is completed? And are you open to new partners? Answer: These groups play a very important role as local partners with long-standing relationships with stakeholders in these localities, beyond being technical assistance providers to our target audience. We are committed to our partnerships with them much beyond the terms of this grant. We are always open to additional partnerships that help all of us advance the goal of improving water quality.

  4. Is the deadline hard and fast? Answer: We released the RFP on June 1st to the Chesapeake Network listserv, through Linked In, and our email list. As we continue our networking we are discovering new groups and listservs to share it with. If you received the RFP later and are seriously interested in preparing a proposal, please contact to discuss options.

  5. Can we have an opportunity to make a formal presentation with our proposal? Answer: We will make ourselves available for this during the week of July 13th. Email to request a 30-minute time slot. All presentations will be done virtually.