One Water Partnership 

The One Water Partnership program builds regional collaborations of congregations, environmental nonprofits, and government agencies working together to restore local waterways within the Chesapeake Bay watershed.  Learn more about the One Water Partnership.


Faithful Green Leaders Training Program

Our Faithful Green Leaders Training Program equips congregations  with the skills, knowledge, and tools needed to lead effective and impactful environmental programming within their congregations. Learn more about the Faithful Green Leaders Training Program. 


Learning Labs

IPC offers monthly online speakers and discussion circles to expand your knowledge and equip you with tools and ideas to take back to your congregation. Speakers have included Beth Gingold from Recycle Leaders, Ben Alexandro from Maryland League of Conservation Voters, and Suzanne Etgen from Watershed Stewards Academy. Learn more about our monthly Learning Labs.



As people of faith, we understand deeply how Creation is a gift that sustains and nurtures us all both spiritually and physically.  Creation doesn’t have a voice in the halls of power though.  It is up to us to bring that voice to our leaders at the local, state, and national level.  IPC is committed to helping congregations track important legislation that will impact the health of the Chesapeake Watershed and identifying opportunities for our network of faith led individuals to lend their voice to the restoration and protection of Creation. Learn more about IPC's Advocacy programming.