Where Learning Lab Webinar
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Come learn the what, why and how of native plants! 

  • What are native plants?
  • What to non-native plants and grass only lawns do for the environment? 
  • What do native plants contribute to the web of life? 
  • How can I start planting native plants? 

We'll learn from our presenter, Naomi Edelson, Senior Director, Wildlife Partnerships, National Wildlife Federation who is an expert in native habitat.  She also coordinates NWF's Sacred Grounds program with which IPC collaborates, involving congregations to plant native plants on their grounds and home properties.

We'll also hear from several congregations that have engaged in planting native plants or organized native plant giveaways and sales! 

These webinars are designed to supplement the core Faithful Green Leaders Training, but everyone is welcome to participate.

Will you come?