Our hats are off to Christ Our Anchor Presbyterian Church, who recently hosted a unique, and community focused, drive-by signing of the IPC partner congregation pledge

It was a warm spring day at Christ Our Anchor on Sunday April 18th when I arrived for the days event. The flowers were opening, the trees were leafing, and the bee’s and birds were flying with a renewed excitement and vigor. A more perfect spring day could not have been found.

Just before the event began, I found Pastor Jessie Lowry and green team member Diane Rey, as well as a few others from Christ Our Anchor, eager and excited to be hosting the event. The collective anticipation created the energy that made the event so special, and within 10 minutes of beginning at 11:00am the line was already forming! 

The scene was simple. A gorgeous day, a folding table with a white tablecloth, plenty of information about being a good environmental steward, and a box of Green Tea with an ‘M’ added to make it say ‘Green Team’! At the far end of the table, on an easel and surrounded by colorful markers, was a large poster board with the IPC pledge in the middle.

The first 30 signers all received a re-usable bag, filled with goodies like seeds, stormwater information, and thoughtful prayers to share, enjoy, and reflect on.

Big smiles were all that was to be seen at Christ Our Anchor on that Sunday!

The parade of new arrivals continued for hours. Members of Christ Our Anchor continued to stream in all morning and afternoon by foot, bike, car, and hybrid alike. Each member, of any age, had a chance to step up and add their name to the pledge; many choosing to incorporate flowers, bees, and happy critters alike into their signatures. 

Together these signatures symbolize Christ Our Anchor’s commitment to the environment, our communities, and our shared waters. It shows that they wanted to be part of an environmental movement bigger than their congregation. It shows that they wanted a place in the room with so many others who have taken a stand on these environmental justice issues.

Additionally, by signing the IPC Partner Congregation Pledge, Christ Our Anchor was able to qualify for an "IPC $500 Mini-grant" to take on a first project. We are eagerly looking forward to what they will accomplish with this funding!

On May 11th Christ Our Anchor will continue their green-journey with a site assessment of the property through the One Water Partnership and the Anne Arundel Watershed Stewards Academy. Through this assessment Christ Our Anchor will learn all about the stormwater that flows through and off of their property, what pollutants it brings to and from the campus, and which solutions could be the most impactful towards helping green and clean their local waterways.

These assessments can be an invaluable way to learn about stormwater, and how it can be best managed. Their incredible video is inspiring and great model for other congregations!

To you, Christ Our Anchor, our hats are off!

If you are interested in learning more about COA's 'Drive-by Pledge Signing Event' or how your congregation can receive an 'IPC $500 mini-grant' please do not hesitate to reach out for more information! 

Taylor John Swanson - [email protected] 

Taylor Swanson


Communications & Outreach Coordinator (Anne Arundel, Charles, Queen Anne's, Kent, St. Mary's, Calvert)