We all have a stake in at least one part of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed: our own neighborhood, our own street, our own field, or our own back yard.  Cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay begins with cleaning up our own little part of it.  The headwaters of the bay are in our backyards.  We may not feel that we are close to the Bay, but water always flows down hill and if we live within the Chesapeake bay Watershed, whatever water leaves our downspout or flows off our driveway or the roof of our place of worship ultimately ends up in a local stream and eventually in the Bay.

Where Does Your Water Flow? 

It all depends where you live, that is which river's watershed you are in.  Every drop of water falling on the ground in a specific watershed flows or percolates into a stream or river.  So which watershed do you live in?  Where does your water go? Find out the condition of your local waterway here.

Greening your Home and Congregational Grounds

Interfaith Power and Light hosted a webinar "Greening your Grounds". Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake spoke at the webinar about ways to improve storwmater runoff. You can watch the webinar here

Finding Environmental Partners in Your Region

We can't do any of this alone! Click on this link to find secular environmental organizations working in your area who can help you bring about healing in your community. Or reach out to any of our staff and we will help you!