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Watch Party Time!  
June 2022 - Where to find funds?

This month gather your green team and/or other members of your congregation for a Watch Party! 

Organizer: Invite people to a Watch Party discussion together about "Where to Find Funds" on June 2. (If that date doesn't work for you please schedule your webinar discussion at another time during June.)

Share this webpage link ahead of time with your team/congregation members. You will invite them to watch the webinar recording prior to the Watch Party discussion. Here's what you'll need to do:

  1. Start sharing the word about this with your green team and congregation members. 
  2. Invite them (via email, phone calls, congregation newsletter/announcements) to register here (this webpage) to watch the recorded Learning Lab individually prior to your Watch Party date. 
  3. Schedule a time for a Zoom meeting or an in-person gathering (as appropriate) for the post-viewing discussion Watch Party.
  4. Send reminders & post information below about the webinar and how to access it: in your congregation's newsletter, social media & weekly bulletin.

Instructions for each person to access the recording:

  1. Please register on this page by filling out the tracking form on the right.
  2. After you register you'll land on a the page to view the recording of this webinar. 

This Learning Lab will address how to find funds to support your Creation care actions and projects. 

This Learning Lab offered funding ideas and strategies to support your congregation's vision for healing the earth, air and water. Our guest speaker was Joseph Toolan, Program Assistant for Outreach and Education at the Chesapeake Bay Trust, who shared grant opportunities which are available, how to navigate the grant process and tips for submitting a strong proposal for your project. 

Green Leaders of two congregations shared their grant proposal experience: 
Joann Eastlack from Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, Montgomery Village, and
Rosemary Flickinger, Kadampa Meditation Center, Baltimore, whose congregations successfully submitted and received grant funding. 

Suggested Discussion Questions:

  1. What steps did you learn about navigating the grant proposal process? 
  2. What lessons did Joann Eastlack learn from doing her project proposal?
  3. If you are just starting a project who can you turn to for advice and support?
  4. Is there a small (e.g. a Mini-Grant) or large scale project your team is seeking funding for? 

These webinars are designed to supplement the core Faithful Green Leaders Training, but everyone is welcome to participate.

Will you come?