Ramadan Reflection


“Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was sent ... so those who are present should observe the fast”
~ Translation of Chapter 2, verse 185 of the Quran

“O you who believe!  Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed to those before you, so that you may become mindful of God”
                   ~ Translation of Chapter 2, verse 183 of the Quran

Since April 24th, our Muslim friends have completed several days of fasting in the lunar month of Ramadan.  We want to wish all of them a meaningful, worshipful, and prayerful Ramadan with opportunities to deepen their faith and carry out acts of charity that support the health of the whole community of life. 

As believers continue to fast, their mind and spirit are gaining a form of sustenance that is needed to maintain themselves throughout the year.  The purpose of the fast is to train the human to develop a reverence of their Lord.  The abstinence is observed while there is an increase in the reading of the Quran; there is the practice of the obligatory prayer and an increase in the voluntary prayer. The prescription is the fast. In the observance of the fast individuals learn to guard and protect the spiritual self.

The lessons from the fast are not to stop at the spiritual self but are meant to expand and be reflected in the work of the person in community, with the Earth, and in the Universe. In this spirit, we want to share some resources which offer ways to care for the gift of Creation in observance of a Green Ramadan and beyond.  Together we can take creative actions during this time of COVID-19. See our Resources page where you'll find a Green Ramadan Calendar and Earth Care Activities.

And join us in this beautiful prayer -- Dua -- that we were recently blessed to have offered by Salman Sheik, from the Islamic Society of Baltimore:

We implore you, O Allah SWT, to lend Your most perfect assistance to us in preserving all of Your creation. We ask that You make clear to us the ways that we can reverse the damage of the past. We ask that You make the way easy for us. We ask that You help us to follow the excellent example of your Prophet Muhammad SAW, peace be upon him. We ask that You cause a great awakening in those whose excess has caused the most damage, those who hold vast resources which could be used to alleviate suffering but are instead used to cause suffering, and open their eyes to a better way. We beseech You to turn our gaze towards the past and the future for solutions to the damage caused thus far. We ask that You bless and have mercy upon those who are suffering from the effects of climate change and the destruction of their homelands. We beseech You to open the eyes of those around the world, to awaken their intellect, and to ignite the fiery passion of change in all of those who deny the crisis that Your creation is undergoing. We ask that You make soft the hearts of those in power, and cause them to turn away from the evil of complacence. We beg You to give us the strength and stamina needed to continue this fight, and to make all of our endeavors successful and pleasing to You. Ameen.

Ayanna Miranda
Chair, IPC Program Committee