Promise of Spring

Church_Tulips_emre-ergen-44971-unsplash.jpgThis movement is going to grow in the basements of churches where the spirit will move us,” said a participant at a recent One Water Partnership movie screening co-sponsored by Mount Lebanon Baptist Church and Beth Am Congregation in Baltimore. After watching a movie that awakened us to the challenges our world faces with a warming climate, the consensus in the room was there is hope because there is so much we all can do to be part of the solution.

Interestingly, this discussion took place just at the onset of Lent which, for our Christian friends, brings a time of reflection -- and sometimes darkness -- where the spirit moves and inspires. “The basements of churches” are much like that dark, reflective space where the spirit moves us to awaken our hearts and think differently.

As you dwell on the change you seek in your life and in the world, remember that congregations all over Maryland are making change happen: installing rain gardens, planting natives, giving up single-use plastics/Styrofoam, switching to LED lighting, educating their members, and lobbying in Annapolis. Individuals are bringing along reusable bags when they shop, becoming vegetarian, using public transportation, and saying “no” to straws at restaurants. Our Menu for Action offers ideas on actions you or your congregation can take. And everyone, not just Christians, may find inspiration in our Lenten Creation Care Calendar (Maryland, DC, or Virginia, Spanish versions).

Welcome harbingers of spring are the increasing number of phone calls we are receiving from folks looking for support with Earth Day plans.  Earth Sunday is April 28th, are you ready? Just as the crocuses and tulips promise to emerge from their dark, winter slumber, this “faithful green movement” is growing in the basements of congregations all across the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The spirit is moving. And, IPC promises to try to help you lead your community in that movement.