Has your congregation signed the Partner Congregation Pledge? We're excited that we already have 51 partner congregations who have made a commitment to join this movement of faith communities working together to restore, honor, and protect the Chesapeake Bay. As we look ahead to springtime and April which is "Earth Month," now is a great time to mobilize your congregation's support to take the Pledge! The Partner Congregation Pledge invites your congregation:  

Through our words and actions, we pledge to:

  • Celebrate, respect, and revere the Earth’s blessings
  • Demonstrate good stewardship in how we manage our land and facilities
  • Engage members of our community in the work of caring for the environment.
  • Embrace the mission of Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake to work together to protect and restore our shared watershed

To learn about how to act on this pledge go here

Lenten Creation Care Calendar

During this season, another opportunity for reflection and action for our Christian sisters and brothers (with great action ideas for any faith!) is the annual Lenten Creation Care Calendar, co-produced by IPC and Interfaith Power and Light.  We invite you to reflect on your faith commitment and choose a meaningful action to express your love and gratitude for God's Creation.  You can view the Lenten Creation Care Calendar and other liturgical resources on IPC's resource page.