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Register Here and Join IPC for a very special topic of interest on green burialsIn recent years, there has been a newfound concern over the negative effect of traditional burials on the environment and clear issues over land conservation. The movement went mainstream when the Green Burial Council was formed in 2005.

Thursday October 5th at 7pm we will be taking a deep dive Beyond the Grave and discussing burial alternatives that will help reduce your end of life impact.

Guest Speakers: 

David Zinner is co-author and co-teacher of a 12 week course titled Jewish and Green: Cemetery Management for the 21st Century. David is a consumer representative on the State of Maryland's Advisory Council for Cemetery Operations and he coordinates PRINCE, Preservation and Rehabilitation Initiative for Neglected Cemetery Entities, which trains incarcerated citizens cemetery maintenance skills.      

Jennifer Downs is a founding member of the Green Burial Association of Maryland and honored to serve currently as the President of the Board. She is also a Licensed Acupuncturist and RN in practice since 1980. In her many years of service in the healing arts she has come to appreciate the importance of how we prepare for death, our own and our friends and loved ones. The green burial movement inspired her to get involved as it provides practical ways to preserve the earth and open more green space for the living.  Jennifer often takes initiative to create opportunities for people to connect in community, gather to collaborate on important issues and come together in a variety of ways.

Howard K. Berg MD is a Colon and Rectal Surgeon, who completed a 35-year career in both Private Practice followed by employment with the University of Maryland at St. Joseph Medical Center in Towson, Maryland. He retired in June 2022. Prior to that time, he began working with his brothers Richard and David to develop a 177-acre piece of property, that had been in the family since 1965, in Windsor Mill, Baltimore County, into Serenity Ridge Natural Burial Cemetery and Arboretum. This opened in January 2023.

This is currently, the only 100% natural burial cemetery in the state. Dr. Berg’s goals are to 1. Educate the public about the benefits of natural burial, 2.  Spread the word that Serenity Ridge is the ultimate place for diversity and 3. Continue to develop the property as a nature preserve for use by everyone who enjoys or wants to learn more about nature.

Barbara Tunstall is a micro-business owner of Unicorn Queen.She is a lifelong social justice and community activist, and is using the lessons learned and skills acquired in corporate and not for profit work-life, along with her personal recovery journey of faith for pain management & healthcare equity, disability, and community mental health advocacy as she expands beyond being a “survivor” into one who thrives. She will be talking about her personal decision to donate and bring to light an environmental concern facing North Baltimore 's Govans neighborhood.


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