Want to plant trees at your congregation in Lancaster? 

Free trees will be available for planting at congregations this Spring. All trees will be native species. Congregations will be able to request 1-3 trees. You will need to arrange to pick them up and plant them yourselves, and then water them for the first few seasons to ensure they survive. If this sounds like something your congregation *might* be interested in, please complete the form below. This is not a commitment, just an expression of interest. The species of trees available will be determined later and volunteers will be available to walk through your property to advise you on the best trees for your space. 

There are also other free programs to support larger tree plantings (1/2-acre or more) and plantings along streams. If your congregation has more space to devote to trees, select the option below for the larger plantings to express your interest in learning more about these programs.