image2.jpegSince our Faithful Green Leaders Program launched, a total of 63 teams have been formed or strengthened. and they are getting a lot done. You can be part of the next training starting June 10th.

Together, the teams were successful in educating a total of 14,432 people through the programs and projects they initiated (or have plans to initiate). The projects have resulted in 380 trees being planted, and approximately 22 acres (equivalent to 29 football fields!) have been/or will be protected with Best Management Practices (BMPs) to reduce stormwater runoff. With the assistance of IPC and our technical partners, the teams have also been able to raise $13,400 in grant money for project design and $72,200 for project implementation.

Want to be part of this amazing group of congregations? Sign up for our upcoming Faithful Green Leaders Training starting on June 10th.

Anna Awimbo


Director of Leadership Development