Learning Labs are Back!

We are excited to announce the return of our Learning Labs, starting next month on September 8th with a learning opportunity all about pollinators; 

Changing the Aesthetic: Benefits of Pollinator Gardens!

Not familiar with Learning Labs?

IPC's learning labs are regular monthly webinars created for you. In these programs you'll learn from experts on key topics, taking deep dives into subjects of interest for faith communities looking to get involved in IPC's movement to restore the Chesapeake Bay.  Come see what it's all about, share them with your congregation, and make connections with likeminded individuals throughout the region.

Interested in learning more?

Check out the schedule of upcoming Learning Labs HERE, and see which one's might be right for your congregation!

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Mark your calendar,

Our first fall learning lab, Changing the Aesthetic: Benefit of Pollinator Gardens, happens Thursday - September 8th at 7:00pm.

This pollinator focused webinar discusses in depth the symbiotic relationship between native plants and wildlife that has been formed over millennia. Native plants offer beauty, protection, sustainability and so much more!

Hear from guest speaker Naomi Edelson, Senior Director, Wildlife Partnerships, National Wildlife Federation (NWF) who is a specialist in native habitat. She also coordinates NWF's Sacred Grounds program with which IPC collaborates, helping congregations to plant native plant species on their grounds and home properties. Additionally, we will hear from several congregations who can help you better understand the challenges and rewards to working with native plants, and the benefits they can bring us. 

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