Where Virtual Divine Springtime Devotional-Spiritual Unity Feast
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Bahai's of Bethesda is hosting a virtual Divine Springtime Devotional-Spiritual Unity Feast program on Sunday, April 30, 2023 from 4:00pm - 5:45pm. 
The theme of the program:

 Renewal of Faith and Love for God’s Creation of Nature: Community Restoration of Native Trees and Forests of the Chesapeake Watershed”

The Divine Springtime Devotional-Spiritual Unity Feast program celebrates our common spiritual, moral and civic responsibility to Care for God’s Creation of Nature. The universal and ancient symbols of native trees, forests and water are historically celebrated as the foundation for all human/animal/plant life and sustainable natural environment. For the Chesapeake Bay watershed communities, states, region - and all nations in the world - conservation and restoration of native trees and forests are now required for sustainable environment. For all forms of life, clean drinking water, clean air, natural habitat conservation, biodiversity and climate change resilience depend on native species of trees and forests. In the Divine Springtime program, our individual and community responsibility to protect native trees and forests is affirmed through spiritual renewal, faith and Care for God's Creation of Nature.

          Guest Speakers:

*Chris Eberly Director of Programs from Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake.He has worked in bird conservation for 25 years, most recently as Executive Director of the Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership.He was inducted into the Hall of Fame for the National Military Fish and Wildlife Association in 2021 and is a co-founder of Frontiers in Ornithology: A Symposium for Youth. 

*Rabbi David Shneyer from Am Kolel Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington. He is the founder, director and spiritual leader of Am Kolel. Reb David studied at the Jewish Theological Seminary and in Israel, earning degrees in Judaic studies from Rutgers University and Baltimore Hebrew College. The past president of Ohalah, the Rabbinic Association of Jewish Renewal Rabbis, Reb David is also an accomplished musician, founding and leading The Fabrangen Fiddlers.  

*Ryan Mayenschein is the Supervisor for the 5 Million Trees Initiative with the Maryland Forest Service. Most recently before working at the Department of Natural Resources he worked as an Arborist in Baltimore City. Ryan has a Business Administration degree and is currently working on a second degree in Chemistry. 

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