Worship is at the center of religious life.  It is the opportunity for connection with a larger sacred presence, for expressing gratitude for the glories and mysteries of creation, for reflecting upon our mistakes as individuals and communities and for gaining inspiration to lead more faithful lives.

A faith journey in the direction of better appreciation of the mysteries and miracles of the natural world and better stewardship of Earth's resources starts with a change of heart and leads on to more mindful living.

Congregations for whom Earth care is an important priority incorporate this theme in their weekly worship, often in very simple ways, by a reference in a prayer or a paragraph in a semon.

Many congregations have special worship celebrations on "Earth Day Sunday" in April, on the Feast of St. Francis in October, or another time that fits with their religious tradition.


Want to Learn More?

GreenFaith  provides excellent resources for faith communities, including this  guide to "green worship."