To honor the Earth and Demand Corporate and Governmental Accountability and Responsibility  
Time and Location: Start at 11:30 am at Lafayette Park across from the White House. Then, we will walk to Chase Bank at 1401 New York Ave.NW to meet with management and leaflet customers and pedestrians.
Program at Lafayette Park 11:30am.
Offerings of songs of gratitude for the Source of Life, Creation and Mother Earth.
In ancient times a unique ceremony was performed every morning throughout the Sukkot holiday. It was called the Nisuch ha-Mayim or the Drawing of Water, a libation ritual. According to the Talmud, Sukkot is the time of year in which God judges the world for rainfall asks for God's blessing for rain in its proper time.
Today, in order to receive God’s blessings we must call attention to those among us and those in power who are disrupting the life on planet earth and all the inhabitants and life forms that dwell here. Increasing droughts around the world are directly caused by climate change. We must also be held accountable for allowing corporate greed and abusive leadership to determine our future.
We will offer Liturgy of Repentance and, then, the shaking of Lulav and Etrog.
At the Altar of Temple Earth we will pour water on the Earth and pray for its protection and healing.
The Folk Levites lead us in song.
Prophetic Calls for Action: Green America and Shalom Center
Circle Round for Freedom
Rainbow Race
Unity Dance - Mayim
March to JP Morgan Chase at 1401 New York Avenue. NW. There, a few of us hope to meet with managers. Others will leaflet customers and pedestrians.
Conclude 1 pm.
Sponsors in formation:  Am Kolel Jewish Renewal Center, Kehila Green Committee, Jewish Climate Action Network DMV, Shalom Center and ...
Contact: Rabbi David Shneyer, [email protected]
Photo by Ben Mater on Unsplash
Will you come?