Stillmeadow Community Fellowship is located in Baltimore's Gwynns Falls watershed. This church became a safe haven for people fleeing their homes when a 2018 flood inundated the Frederick Avenue community, exacerbated by crumbling infrastructure and decades of disinvestment. With help from IPC, the US Forest Service, National Wildlife Federation, Blue Water Baltimore, and other organizations, the congregation is working to transform an onsite tract of land into the Stillmeadow Peace Park for restoration of land, body, and soul.

Their congregation is in the process of removing invasive plant species from their congregational grounds and reforesting a large portion of their property to create a 10 acre forested "Peace Park".  Stillmeadow is also exploring innovative stormwater projects on their property for future installation. They have installed a native plant garden through the National Wildlife Federation's "Sacred Grounds" program and are the home to an urban apiary (bee hives). 

As part of the forest revitalization project they have grown and are planting 2,000 saplings in their forest. You can learn about this exciting US Forest Service research study in this "Stillmeadow PeacePark & Forest: An Experiment in Rehabilitation of a Degraded Urban Forest" article. There is always work to be done on their grounds, helping to remove invasive species and clearing and maintaining the walking paths. If you'd like more information about Stillmeadow Community Fellowship and how you can help, click here.