It’s that time again, when we get a chance to shine the light on some of our partner congregations who have one more thing to be grateful for on this wonderful Earth.

Our_Lady_of_the_Fields.jpgCongratulations are due to five congregations that were successful in obtaining grants through the Chesapeake Bay Trust Community Outreach and Engagement Mini Grants.  With application guidance from Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake, the following congregations received awards ranging from $4,500 to $5,000 to help support their outreach and restoration efforts.  We look forward to watching their projects unfold!

Cathedral of the Incarnation is embarking on an array of projects including a rainwater harvesting project through the purchase of cisterns and rain barrels, storm drain stenciling in their neighborhood, and planting of native shrubs and plants on their property.

First Presbyterian Church of Howard County/Earth Forum organized four outdoor sessions that included invasive vine and plant removal, legacy tree planting, and storm drain stenciling. They also started a new program called LEAVES (Learning about the Environment and Volunteering as Earth Stewards) as a data recording and accounting system for maintaining volunteer time and work records included in the project. The credits earned will be used to determine recognition for the participants. Thirdly, they plan to provide two Baltimore Harbor Environmental Education programs designed to increase participants’ understanding of how the Patapsco River in Howard County is connected to the Chesapeake Bay by studying the dynamic relationship between the Port of Baltimore and the Patapsco River.


Our Lady of the Fields replaced native plants in their Pollinator Garden. Part of the funding they received went towards a straw bale garden that is expected to yield in excess of 600 pounds of organic vegetables for distribution to 350+ guests at the St. Vincent de Paul’s Catholic Church and to add to the pantries of the Serving People Across Neighborhoods (SPAN) non-profit organization.

St. Stephen Baptist Church/Project Bright Future is putting their grant to work through the organization of four community events where they will, among other things, educate participants about being good stewards of the environment and provide resources for their congregation about how they can become even more active members in these efforts.

Kadampa Meditation Center will install a cistern and conduct storm drain stenciling on their property in coordination with a local youth program.

If your congregation is interested in applying for a grant, please check out the Chesapeake Bay Trust’s website by clicking HERE.