There is no single path to take after signing the Partner Congregation Pledge. Whether your congregation is large, small, or somewhere in between, there are so many ways to care for creation and protect our shared watershed. This page has a number of resources your congregation will need to take action after signing the Partner Congregation Pledge. 


Welcome Packet - The welcome packet details the variety of actions your congregation can take once signing the pledge. It will be a useful resource to reference when planning future actions at your congregation.

IPC Logos - We welcome our partner congregations to use our logos on their websites as a public display of their involvement in our movement. 

Menu for Action - Our generic menu for action is a great reference source for congregations looking for actions that they can take. There are also region-specific menus for action on our website

Faithful Green Leaders TrainingIPC provides learning opportunities through our Faithful Green Leaders Training program to help partner congregations acquire the knowledge, skills, tools, and support they need to lead their communities in raising awareness and restoring the waters of the Chesapeake region.

Learning LabIPC offers online Learning Labs that take a deep dive into various topics of interest for faith communities looking to help your congregation members acquire the knowledge, skills, tools and support they need to build and grow an environmentally focused team to raise awareness and help heal the waters.

Sign-in sheet - Sign-in sheets are helpful for tracking congregant participation in environmental events. IPC recommends using sign-in sheets at all of your events. We provide both standard sign-in sheets and multi-congregational sign-in sheets

Photo release form - We ask that if your congregation is hosting an event where pictures are being taken that you use a photo release form in addition to a sign in sheet. 

Prayer Cards - IPC has created prayer cards to help congregations maintain a spiritual focus as they carry out important acts of environmental stewardship.

Suggested sources - Want to host a movie night or hold a book club? IPC has provided some suggested viewing/reading to get you started.