Self-selecting a breakout room

Assistance for Computers:

If the host has allowed participants to self-select and join breakout rooms of their choosing, participants will be able to view and select from a list of breakout rooms the host has created. They will be able to enter and leave breakout rooms freely. 

Note: Participants not joined with the desktop or mobile app (version 5.3.0 or higher) will not be able to self-select a breakout room. The host will need to facilitate moving these participants manually.  

  1. Click Breakout Rooms in your meeting controls.
    This will display the list of open breakout rooms created by the host. 
  2. Hover your pointer over the number to the right of the breakout room you wish to join, click Join, then confirm by clicking Join. 
  3. Repeat as necessary to join other breakout rooms, or click Leave Room to return to the main session.

*Continue below for additional help on mobile and tablet!

Assistance for mobile devices or tablets:

  • When the breakout rooms open, you will see an icon with 4 squares pop up on your screen that also says “Join Breakout Room”.
  • Tap the 4-squared icon with the words “Join Breakout Room”.
  • Once you tap this icon, you will see your breakout room options appear on the screen.
  • Tap the breakout room you wish to join.  You will know that you made your selection by seeing a check mark displayed on the right of your room selection.
  • Lastly, click “Join”.

For additional help and support you can check out the information page on Zoom's website all about the 'Breakout Room' feature.

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