Updated_Page_4_Image_-_St._Demetrios_Earth_Day.jpgThe Saint Demetrios Green Team was created in February 2021, yet we are already off to a great start. We have held a fall cleanup, completed a water audit, organized an eWaste collection and put together a fun and educational fair for families on Earth Day.  We were honored to have the Towson Times feature our Earth Day event in a recent issue! 

As a Green Team, we have lots of ideas for future events including a rain garden, a kidscape garden for our on site pre-school, seasonal cleanups, a composting area, etc. The next project we are undertaking is a meditation path through our grounds. We had a Master Naturalist doing a walk-through with us so we could learn more about the natural habitat of our church's grounds.

LED Project 

The Saint Demetrios Green Team is excited to announce that our proposal for the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program has been accepted! This program consists of replacing all non-LED lights (which is most of them) inside and outside of all the church buildings. In total, 543 lights will be replaced, including fixtures and ballasts.  This program is projected to save 94,225 kilowatt hours per year, an estimated savings of almost $10,000 a year in electricity costs for Saint Demetrios. In addition to the cost savings, the newly replaced LED lights will help us reduce the carbon footprint of our church and play a part in helping to decrease our contribution to the global warming problem. Once installation is complete, Val Dzwonczyk will be monitoring energy spending and reporting back to the Green Team with concrete figures. 

The Green Team would like to thank everyone who helped get this program approved, especially our anonymous donor who contributed our share of the program cost. By doing so, we are able to move forward with this project at absolutely no cost to Saint Demetrios! Our church community is truly blessed to receive this opportunity!

To learn more about this congregation, click here. And to learn more about what the Green Team is up to, check out their facebook page