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Lancaster Water Week is here!

Join Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake to explore how Hope Episcopal Church is caring for our watershed and creating wildlife habitat along Shearers Creek!

Congregations across Lancaster County have made commitments to serve as faithful, responsible stewards of our shared, sacred waterways and the lands they nourish. On Shearers Creek, Hope Episcopal is creating a bird sanctuary, working towards the installation of stormwater basins, and rejuvenating a plot of forest damaged by insects and disease; and they are creating wonderful habitats for a range of native birds, insects, and plants. We hope you will come see what natural wonders this sacred greenspace has to share!

Lancaster Water Week is an annual celebration of the 1,400 miles of waterways in Lancaster County, PA. Join us for over 60 events as we paddle, explore, volunteer, and take action for the streams and rivers of Lancaster County! Learn more:


Will you come?