Dottie Yunger, former Executive Director of IPC, writing in Sojourners online recently reflected that:

The water celebrated by the psalmists is the same water we have today—literally. The waters of baptisms and ritual cleansings we use today are all part of the same body of water used by the prophets and Jesus. We are part of this cycle; this cycle is part of us. Yet we know this cycle is out of balance.

The psalmists’ vision of how things should be is not how things are. Our actions (or inactions) are the direct cause. We experience flooding in some areas, drought in others. We build dams and levees to control the flow of water. We allow harmful chemicals to change the very nature of water. Water that used to flow gently over lush vegetation now roars harshly across asphalt into these waterways, carrying with it pollutants and eroding riverbanks. We seem to think we know better than God how water should be water.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that we can help return the water cycle to its natural rhythm, as intended by God and described by the psalmists.

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Bill Breakey


Past IPC Board Member and Green Team Leader at Maryland Presbyterian Church