Congregational Restoration Projects - A Guide for Rain Garden Maintenance as a Spiritual Practice

This handbook was made in partnership with Howard EcoWorks to provide technical and spiritual guidance for rain garden maintenance. In this handbook you will find instructions for various aspects of rain garden maintenance and related spiritual reflections that can be recited throughout the maintenance process. The goal of this handbook is to remind congregants that maintenance is an act of love for creation and our Creator. 


Native Trees of Maryland 

Thinking of planting trees at your congregation? Want to learn more about the many benefits of planting native species? Check out our Native Trees of Maryland booklet to learn about some of the many native tree species. Be sure to use this coupon from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to get $25 off the purchase of one tree with a retail value of $50 or more at all participating retail nurseries and garden centers.


Lawn Care Guide

Lawns are everywhere, and they can cause true damage to the watershed. Check out our Lawn Care Guide to learn about ways to improve the sustainability of your congregation's or home's lawn.