Our strategy to achieve our mission is rooted in our principles and beliefs. These serve as a filter to helps us assess options and make choices aligned with our mission and vision.

We believe:

  1. All faith traditions share a fundamental belief that we have a moral responsibility to be good caretakers of Creation.
  2. Clean watersheds are necessary for communities to be healthy and thriving.
  3. When people experience and appreciate the beauty of Creation, they will love and protect it.
  4. Action at the local level is what drives people. People are connected to local issues, local needs, and local relationships.
  5. People are most energized when they can connect with one another on a personal level, lift each other up, work together to repair the brokenness, and demonstrate love and solidarity.
  6. Individual champions drive change and need to be supported.
  7. Networks of faith-based communities infect others and magnify our message and impact.