Will there be clean water for tomorrow's children?

Let's work together to make certain there is!

How can your Prince George's County faith community:

  • Reduce polluted runoff and by doing so contribute to clean water for future generations?
  • Express your love for neighbor, for our Creator, for Creation and for those will follow in our footsteps by caring for the waters?

Answer:  the Prince George’s County’s Alternative Compliance Program for Congregations

+ Learn about the Alternative Compliance Program here.
+Sign up here now to put a hold on your congregation's 2016 stormwater fees (before March 2016).
+Don't know what your fee is?  Look on your Property Tax bill for "Clean Water Act Fee"


No co
st to sign up and no cost for installing in-ground projects like rain gardens, permeable (lets the rain water absorb) pavement, rain barrels, native trees (absorb rain water).

Learn more about:

If you have questions about any of these programs contact Kolya Braun-Greiner at [email protected]

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