A huge thanks goes out to Paul Tukey of the Glenstone Museum for his excellent talk and sharing his personal story at our event on Oct. 17th: "Saving the Earth, One Lawn at a Time." And thank you to Professor James Hatley and Rev. Beth O'Malley for their reflections bookending the night. Over 400 people registered and 150 joined live to learn something new and get inspired to try things a little differently with their lawns!

Paul Tukey gave a wonderful presentation on his own stewardship journey and what inspired him to turn to sustainable lawncare, before giving the ins and outs of what you can do in your own front yard today. We can't do his talk justice by summarizing it here, so just see for yourself! 

Thank you again to the sponsors and donors who supported this event! Good luck to everyone this fall as you begin to care for your lawns sustainably and organically!