Memorial Episcopal Church is located in Baltimore's Jones Falls Watershed. Memorial Episcopal was one of the original One Water Partnership congregations in the Baltimore Region and signed IPC's Partner Congregation pledge in 2019. In partnership with Mount Royal Elementary School they installed an outdoor conservation landscaping area to provide exterior teaching space for the students, and in the planting process hosted educational programming with the school community. They have also hosted several movie nights, including co-hosting a series of panel discussions with two other nearby churches: Corpus Christi Catholic Church and Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church. The turnout of over 100 people demonstrates the tremendous reach congregations have when they work together. Memorial Episcopal also expanded tree pits in the sidewalks around their church to give the trees a better chance to grow tall and healthy. They also held an electronics recycling event and attended IPC's Faithful Green Leaders Training program in 2020 to strengthen their team. Click here to learn more about Memorial Episcopal Church.