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Join IPC for a Spring themed learning lab that will help congregations and individuals to turn their gardens into a pollinator paradise!

We will hear from experts on ways you can create an oasis for pollinators this spring and the many ways it benefits our environment. We will also hear special presentations to highlight one of summer's wonders with the current state of firefly populations and what we can do to help. 

Guest Speakers:

Ben Pfeiffer - Is the founder Firefly Conservation and Research is a non-profit organization with two missions: to support firefly research and conservation, and to spread the message that fireflies need our help. He is a recognized firefly researcher and Texas-certified master naturalist. He will be talking to individuals and congregations as to how they can build a firefly habitat to help these pollinators!

  Kevin Carpenter-Driscoll - Environmental Coordinator at the Public Works Department in Greenbelt, MD. He successfully helped create a firefly sanctuary, which is the first for the state of Maryland! He will talk about the process with the city and how they have maintained and highlighted this unique oasis for fireflies and other pollinators. 

Maureen Malloy - Is the Green Team leader at Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring. Her energetic group gets together and tends to the many gardens they have on the property, and inspires the next generation through education about pollinators and how we can be better stewards!

Will you come?