Organizations and Agencies



Local and Regional Sites: Faith-Based

Baltimore Presbytery Creation Care Group

Baltimore Jewish Environmental Network

Interfaith Power and Light of Maryland, Washington and Northern Virginia

Local and Regional Sites: Other

Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay Building and fostering partnerships to protect the Bay

Blue Water Baltimore  Protecting and restoring streams and rivers in the Baltimore area

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Fights for strong and effective laws and regulations

Chesapeake Bay Program A partnership to restore the Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay Trust Provides grants to congregations and other groups

Chesapeake Climate Action Network Dedicated to fighting global warming

Choose Clean Water Coalition Advocates for restoring the Chesapeake Bay.

Maryland Environmental Health Network Working for a healthier environment for healthier people

National and International Organizations: Faith-based

Association for Religion & Ecology

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints In Honoring Creation, We Honor the Creator

Climate Crisis Coalition ,

Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life

Catholic Climate Covenant

Earth Ministry

Eco-Justice Ministries

Episcopalian Ecological Network

Evangelical Environmental Network

Green Faith

Islamic Foundation for Ecology & Environmental Sciences

Lutherans Restoring Creation

National Council of Churches Creation Justice Ministries

National Religious Partnership for the Environment

North American Coalition for Christianity & Ecology

Presbyterians for Restoring Creation

Quaker Earth Care Witness

United Methodist Women Environmental programs

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Environmental Justice Program

Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth

Web of Creation


Other Environmental Organizations

Climate Institute

Coop America Climate Action

Northwest Earth Institute

Pew Center on Global Climate Change

Union of Concerned Scientists


Governmental agencies

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration National Climatic Data Center

US Environmental Protection Agency

US Global Change Research Program

US Department of Energy






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  • Tim Resch
    followed this page 2018-07-26 16:02:54 -0400
  • CleanWaterMD
    commented 2014-05-19 09:55:50 -0400
    Although a contractor list resource is desirable, and will one day hopefully be formalized through the Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professionals Certification program (date to be determined) which will certify contractors who are trained in storm water practices, one does not exist yet. I would highly recommend referring to county contractor lists. Two commonly used lists include Howard County and Montgomery County. These are not comprehensive but do at least meet the criteria for two county governments which are actively engaged in storm water remediation. Here are the links:
    Montgomery County:
    Howard County:
  • Jodi Rose
    commented 2014-05-19 08:56:16 -0400
    There is a nonprofit organization called Koolhof Earth, which spun off from an environmental consulting group, Straughn Environmental. I will email them and see if they could post some suggestions here. Thanks for inquiring!
  • Jewel Barlow
    commented 2014-05-19 07:12:02 -0400
    I am looking for contractors who are experienced in water runoff control installations of things like recharge chambers, pervious pavers, etc. It would be helpful, I think, if people in this network can provide accounts of their experience with contractors.
  • Jodi Rose
    commented 2013-08-26 11:04:44 -0400
    Like what you did with this! Much easier to navigate.
  • Bill Breakey
    commented 2013-08-25 09:27:30 -0400
    This is a very complete list
  • Bill Breakey
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