Author, filmmaker, TV host, consultant, and national leader on sustainable and organic lawns...and he lives in the Chesapeake watershed!

We are incredibly grateful that Paul Tukey, Director of Environmental Sustainability at the Glenstone Museum in Potomac, Maryland, will be sharing his expertise, wisdom, and insight on how to manage lawns organically and sustainably at our October 17th Zoom program, "Saving the Earth, One Lawn at a Time."

If you just Google his name, you'll see the expansive list of publications and movies he has produced or contributed to, and his impressive array of awards and recognitions. But, Paul is a down-to-earth (literally!) family man who's really living into the practices he preaches, and will make you feel like you can do this at home or at your congregation. You won't want to miss this incredible opportunity to learn from him. After all, he helps manage one of the most beautiful landscapes in America, the 300-acre grounds of the Glenstone Museum -- you'll never get a chance to learn from another expert like this!

Organic lawns can be beautiful, both in appearance and in the way they demonstrate your love and concern for the world around you. Organic lawns support wildlife, are safer for our families and pets walking around on the grass, and fight climate change. Not sure you believe all this? Then, join us for Tukey's talk and learn why. You'll also learn the secrets of making a beautiful, safe, and healthy lawn with less mowing, less watering, and less fertilizing. 

Our program is co-sponsored by the Multi-faith Alliance for Climate Solutions of Frederick County (MACS), which hosted two other presentations this year in this genre: "Nature's Best Hope," a talk by Doug Tallamy on restoring balance in the ecosystem, and "Wild-Scaping with Native Plants," a talk by Kerri Wixted of the Maryland DNR. "Saving the Earth, One Lawn at a Time" will include a 45-minute presentation from Paul and time for questions, as well as an Activity Kit shared with all attendees to help you take action at home and in your congregation. 

The event will be hosted on Zoom, and offered on Facebook Live as well. The event is free (thanks to Tukey's generosity), but you must register to receive the Zoom link.* If you wish to spread the word or invite your congregation to participate, you can forward this page, or download this printable flyer, which has a QR code for registering. 

Already, 160 people have registered for this exciting program, so don't miss your chance to hear directly from Paul Tukey! We must all work together to create life-giving lawns that restore God's creation and give something beautiful to the next generation. 

If you would like to make a special donation to sponsor or support this event, please visit our Donate page, or contact [email protected].




*If you unsubscribe from emails after registering for this, we have no way to send you the Zoom link.