The Kittamaqundi Community Church is a non-denominational community of faith that welcomes everyone, whoever you are and however you got here. People of all races, gender preferences, and religious and political backgrounds are part of this loving community. The Kittamaqundi Community Church's commitment to stewarding a better Earth for humans and nature is apparent though the caring actions they take for both. They host folks at their Day center, and started Help End Homelessness in Howard County, Maryland! Additionally, they rent five homes to formerly unhoused people and host a Cold Weather Shelter during the winter months. Likewise, they help enrich the community though their Summer Peace Camp. 

The grounds of Kittamaqundi Community Church are flourishing with flora and fauna, alongside environmental projects! Currently, the Kittamaqundi Community Church has a Sacred Garden that features a labyrinth, pergola, pond, and benches. The Sacred Garden is cared for by Church members, who meet once a month to tend and care for the Garden. They ensure that the Sacred Garden remains a place of quiet beauty. This flourishing space is open to all. 

Kittamaqundi Community believes that God, the Creator, has a vision of wholeness and reconciliation for the world. That vision is manifested in peace, compassion and mercy, economic and social justice, relationship to and co-creativity with God, and a deep respect for the earth. 

You can learn more about what is going on at Kittamaqundi Community Church here