Where Learning Lab Webinar
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What do different faiths have in common when it comes to care for the earth, the wider Creation around us, the web of life? 

What unique teachings do different faith tradition offer about stewardship of the environment?

We'll hear from the following speakers share about what their faith tradition says showing how we are all "in this together" with a common commitment to heal and restore our relationship with the earth. 
* Rabbi David Shneyer, Director, Am Kolel Sanctuary & Retreat Center
* Rev. Richard Hoehn, Author of We Carry the Fire: Family and Citizenship as Spiritual Calling
* Sevim Kalyoncu, Director, Green Muslims

We'll also hear from several congregations that have engaged in interfaith collaboration for environmental restoration. 

These webinars are designed to supplement the core Faithful Green Leaders Training, but everyone is welcome to participate.

Will you come?