Hope United Methodist Church, located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is growing a pollinator meadow. Hope Meadow, established in 2019, is approximately 2 acres of Pennsylvania native plants specializing in pollinator-friendly species. The meadow is located behind Hope United Methodist Church and can be accessed from the church or the Ephrata-to-Warwick Rail-Trail. Each year Hope Church holds educational events in the meadow on different meadow topics, including a yearly Monarch butterfly tagging event in September.  

The meadow had many native volunteer plants, including Common Milkweed and Dogbane, that were kept. Additional plants were added with Ernst Showy Northeast Native Wildflower Mix and Native plant plugs. The meadow has a swale for water runoff from the nearby parking lot. A small area was planted with native trees. A bench and an educational sign were installed near the Rail-to-Trail, inviting people to come to sit and enjoy the meadow. The biodiversity of the meadow has been documented over the years iNaturalist.

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