Grow with Us

Why do you find yourself among this circle of activists restoring clean water and fighting for environmentally moral policies? What or Who is calling you here? How are you helping to restore clean water?

Our staff and board recently went through a process to reflect on our “Why” and “How”. We shared personal reasons, like “I’m on this board for my grandchildren’s future” or “I work here because it aligns with my personal mission in life”. We also shared organizational reasons of why IPC exists:

  • To help repair the broken relationship we humans have with the local environment
  • To provide resources to leaders like you to help you restore your local waters
  • To activate people of faith to advocate for policies that protect water and promote environmental justice
  • To provide hope and resilience at this time of environmental urgency

Your stories inspired us, too: why you keep going, how you inspire others to join you, and what support you need. And we know we are making a difference -- we are restoring clean water.

Our discussions about purpose and how to restore clean water became IPC’s new Strategic Plan. We invite you to read through it grow with us. Our plan calls for IPC to ignite the power of faith communities in the Chesapeake region to honor all of Creation by working together to protect and restore our shared watershed.

  1. We will create congregational hubs in Maryland, District of Columbia and Pennsylvania to magnify our impact and inspire new congregations
  2. We will create leadership training and support programs, tools, and resources to make it easier for you to lead your congregation.
  3. We will grow our partnerships and diversify our support.
  4. We will achieve organizational excellence with a strong board and diverse and talented staff.

We invite you to grow with us and join us in our shared vision for a restored Chesapeake watershed. Here are some ways you can help:

  1. Read our Strategic Plan, our Core Values and Guiding Principles. Pray for all of us that this plan may guide our work in ways that give glory to God.
  2. Reflect on your why and how. Where is the overlap between your plan and our plan? How can we support you, and how can you support us? Complete the Stay Connected form so that we can build a hub around your congregation. 
  3. Donate to IPC to support our work. One of our core values is being accountable and responsible with the resources entrusted to us. Help us ignite the power of faith communities to make a difference by donating cash or stock.  

I have had the honor of serving as IPC’s Executive Director since 2013. In the past five years, and by God’s mercy and grace, IPC has grown tremendously: engaged 200+ congregations, planted thousands of trees, treated millions of gallons of stormwater, educated thousands of faithful of all races and faiths, added four more part-time staff to our team, and grew our funding five-fold. I promise to continue to hold IPC accountable and monitor our progress. Those might sound like corporate words, but they are rooted in deep conviction, purpose, and love...Love for all of Creation and future generations who are forever at the mercy of the choices -- and plans -- we make today.

Grow with us and be part of IPC’s future impact.