but we make the polluted runoff.

Polluted runoff is the only source of pollution in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed that is still increasing. But, there are projects we can undertake at our homes and places of worship to reduce this pollution source. Check out our website for ideas and resources to help you get started. 

  • In Anne Arundel County, there is a potential project for 2014 called RiverWise Congregations. Pending grant approval, IPC, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, and the Watershed Stewards Academy will be teaming up to provide congregations with site assessments, professionally designed and installed stormwater management improvement projects, training for 1-2 of your congregants to become watershed stewards, and spiritual and educational support throughout the process.  This is a fantastic opportunity for AA County places of worship!  Email Joanna Freeman at [email protected] for more information or if you have any questions.    
  • Is your congregation located in Baltimore City or County? A project is coming down the pipeline in your area, too! IPC and Blue Water Baltimore are teaming up to support congregations wishing to install stormwater management projects at their sites. Stay tuned for more details soon!

Maryland House Bill 987 was passed to create funding to address polluted runoff.  Did you know that the Maryland Catholic Conference has made a public statement in support of HB 987? Read about it here.  Congregational leaders can circulate their statement as well as our flyer to help spread the word about the importance of this bill and the faith community’s support of it.

Need help talking to your congregants about polluted runoff? We can help with that! Contact Jodi Rose with any questions or if you’d like to schedule a speaker.

The Tree of Life and Planting Trees

Since the 10,000 Trees Project got rolling three months ago, we've coordinate 6 Tree Planting events at 6 congregations, thereby engaging in care and restoration of creation by planting 253 trees so far! In addition we’ve offered Spiritual and Environmental Workshops where participants learn about their watershed, reflect on caring for the Tree of Life, and deepen their understanding of spiritual teachings on earth stewardship. More congregations have scheduled their Spiritual Workshops for mid-winter and early spring, and are planning spring tree-planting events in honor of Earth Day.  Read more details about this project on our website.

Here are some comments made by people who’ve attended the workshops: 

 I will think about trees differently after this!

 The workshop was beautiful. Loved the Web of Life activity - great! [It] showed that the environment is a system – what happens to the whole system when one part is removed.   Everyone could participate [in the workshop] - all ages, all abilities!

For more information, or to bring this program to your congregation contact:  [email protected]

As always, thank you for all you do to advocate for creation!