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Join our One Water Partnership friends at Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church, Civic Works, Interfaith Power & Light, and congregations across the Baltimore area for a participatory online workshop about practical ways to power our homes with cleaner energy. Please share this information far and wide!

Wednesday, September 16th, 6-7:30pm

Nothing connects us as directly to the global climate crisis than the energy we use at home. As we spend more time close to home these days, let’s work together to shift the way our home energy use impacts our neighbors and the natural world.

  • Learn how our energy is made, and its impact on our air and water.
  • Reflect on our shared call to shift to cleaner power.
  • Connect with Civic Works’ training programs which are employing Baltimore neighbors in good clean energy jobs.
  • Take practical action to save energy at home and to shift to cleaner power, through home energy work, supporting wind and community solar through your energy bills, and going solar at home.
  • Join a growing movement that’s speaking out faithfully for strong climate policy in Maryland.

Register for the zoom link here and share on Facebook

A program of the Interfaith Council of Metropolitan Washington. 100 Allison Street NW, Washington, DC 20011.