Where First Presbyterian Church of Howard County 9325 Presbyterian Cir, Columbia, MD 21045, United States
Contact Evelyn Mogren [email protected] (937) 409-1419

On Saturday, April 29th from 9am to noon, hear from Master Gardeners speak about specific topics including native plants, invasive species, and the sacredness of gardening --

  • Clare Walker
    • Successful Native Plants for the Average Yard
    • Nature-Scaping Your Yard
  • Paul Beares
    • Caring for Creation
  • Bob Marietta
    • Invasive Species

Between each of the talks, participate in a supply swap with the chance to also trade seeds and plants, including houseplants, vegetables, and landscape natives.

To tell about garden supplies you will donate/want or to help us with the swap use this link to sign up: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/plantswap

This event will happen rain or shine with the chance for early plant, seed, and supply drop offs:

  • 5-7 pm on Friday, April 28th
  • 8am -8:30 am on Saturday, April 29th

Please label your plants prior to the event so that you can place them into one of the correct categories upon arrival:

  • Garden plants
  • Houseplants
  • Sun
  • Shade
  • Supplies
  • Seeds

Labels to provide information about the seed or the plant type and needs (sun, water, soil types) will be available to fill out. If you are donating a plant, please shake dirt off roots and rinse them off or dunk in a bucket and swish. This is to prevent transmitting unwanted bulbs, seeds, plants or invasive worms to another person’s property.

Since it's a swap, bring supplies, seeds or plants to share with others!  Bring bags or boxes to use to take your swap selections with you.

Be careful what you bring to the plant swap! Review the “BAD Plants Planted by Good People” article for more information! Please, no invasive plants like Pachysandra or Monkey Grass or Yellow Iris.

Will you come?