EUMC is a Laurel, MD congregation that has organized several programs and events. Their recycling programs keeps batteries, old cell phones, and ink cartridges out of the landfill, going so far as to host an annual, community wide recycling event in conjunction with Bikes for the World.

The congregation is so devoted to community engagement that they won the 2018 Howard County Green Community Leadership Award in tune with their green team's annual Earth Day service. Along with their communal work, they are also driven my advocacy. They have participated in the annual IPL Climate in the Pulpits event of which was advocacy themed and are and overflowing fountain of positive energy toward this cause, as people from all walks of life will come and sign cards and letters for their legislators for this event. EUMC's stewardship also extends to management, as they have also installed a rain garden and had a Trees for Sacred Places tree planting on October 2017.

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