The Creation Care Committee of East Chestnut Street Mennonite Church is committed to caring for God’s creation with an emphasis on our neighborhood. We commit to making changes both small and large to support a sustainable future for Lancaster City and the world beyond.

The Creation Care Committee was formed in 2007, and is funded by congregants through a Voluntary Gas Tax. Households charge themselves per driving mile to off-set their fuel usage, and this money then goes towards Creation Care projects around the church and community. Caring for God’s creation as a church community and learning to be good stewards of natural resources is a theme we’ve integrated into our church mission, life, commissions, and activities. We are encourage by the work Mennonite Creation Care Network (MCCN) is doing with the broader church, and glad to be a part of it.

We have used that gas tax money for things as small as low flow toilets, adding insulation to our attic, to the purchase and funding of two electric car charging stations which are available for use to anyone in the local community and much much more. Please reach out to learn more.

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