“Today’s world needs many witnesses. Not so much teachers, as witnesses. It’s not about just talk. It’s about talking through actions.
~ Pope Francis

When the future looks back at us, we hope our actions reflect love and respect for all creation. And when we look back at these challenging years, we hope we’ll remember those times weComfort Zone stepped up and out of our comfort zone – doing the uncomfortable and sometimes hard things.

Change is never easy. The reality of climate change significantly altering our way of life is becoming more and more apparent. From the way we eat, to the way we travel through the world, to the way we consume and discard, we’re asked to make changes big and small to safeguard this earth we love.

At IPC, we are building a movement to restore waters, lands, and communities for the next generation. And we’re asking congregations to join us in making changes.

Leaving a livable, beautiful world to our children means embracing change. It requires more than turning off lights, turning down the heat, carrying cloth bags to the market, and recycling -- even though these things help. It obligates us to bring about change in our congregations and communities, and to hold our elected officials accountable for making those changes.Holding_Hope.png

We have so much to celebrate this year, and with your help 2022 will have even greater impact.

  • We met and learned from and alongside 54 new green teams—double the number trained in 2019-2020.
  • We helped hundreds of faithful to grow as leaders.
  • 82 One Water Partnership congregations are designing and/or installing many exciting conservation projects and educational programs
  • 85 congregations signed our Partner Congregation Pledge (has yours yet?)
  • We added three new full-time staff
  • We grew and diversified our board, adding five members representing both racial and geographic diversity.

With your help, we will continue to build a future of hope. Our children are counting on us. Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake is counting on you. We share your dream for a future whereHope_Horizon.png everyone has access to clean water and air, a stable climate, a thriving ecosystem, a just system of laws that protect vulnerable people and voiceless creatures. This is our moral call to action as people of faith.  

We’re asking for your help and support today, so that tomorrow we can continue this good work. Changing hearts and minds isn’t easy. It takes time and resources and we cannot succeed without your financial gift. Join the movement by supporting IPC and Partner Congregations in restoring our sacred waters, shared lands, and beloved communities by making a gift today.

Hope is on the horizon!

Jeanne McCann


Development Committee