At Christ Congregational Church (CCC) we honor and celebrate people of all races, cultures, ages, abilities, sexual orientations and gender identities. Christ Congregational Church is a covenant community. We are bound together not by agreeing to a creed, but by our intention to walk together on our spiritual journeys. We affirm questing and questioning. In walking together in faith, we listen to one another and share together what is most important in our lives. In this way, we believe we grow in our faith and celebrate our differences. We respect and accept where each person is on their own faith journey.

Stewards of the Earth works to support and sponsor CCC activities that promote stewardship of the environment and the welfare of God’s creation by the CCC members and friends and throughout the world.

The group sponsors a monthly CCC Fair Trade (Equal Exchange) sale of organic coffee, tea, chocolate, and other items to our congregation. The sales support the hard working farmers and their families by providing a fair return for their work and investment. They also help pay for environmental projects at CCC and provide free coffee for the Board of Church Life activities and for Shepherd’s Table.

Stewards of the Earth also sponsor environmental education, encourage CCC families to purchase renewable electric power and improve home energy efficiency, and encourage environmental activism including participation in peaceful demonstrations and support of environmental legislation.

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