Do you not have a team yet or are you small team of two working to recruit other congregation members to join your green team?

We have put together some tips to help you get started. 

  1. Get approval from your faith leader. See this Sample Script for a Conversation with Your Faith Leader.
  2. Find and Share your Environmental Story to Inspire Others - What inspired you to engage in and care for the environment? Use this Environmental Identity resource to help you articulate your environmental story. Then start a conversation with others and invite them to tell you their story. In this personal way, find other kindred spirits in your congregation who can join you at the training.
  3. Find Green Team Members using this resource and sign them up to join you.
  4. Post or insert a Bulletin Announcement inviting people to join your team and say you'll be available to talk with them during coffee hour. You can also include a link in your announcement to this short promotion video here
  5. Ask your spiritual leader to make an announcement during services and stand in the back afterwards with a clipboard and pen to record interested people's name and phone number.
  6. Hang out at the Recycling Bins during coffee hour to meet the people who recycle!
  7. Host an environmental movie night and maybe the folks who sign up are interested in forming a team. Need movie ideas? Email us for for help.
  8. Observe bumper stickers in your parking lot - see who has environmental stickers! Wait for them by their car and strike up a conversation.
  9. Share the flyers about the Green Team Training during your coffee hour.

Sign up Sheet for Recruiting New Team Members

Need more help building your green team? Contact [email protected] for support and guidance.