Plant Trees, Nurture Hope

“To plant trees is to give body and life to one's dreams of a better world.”
― Russel Page, British gardener and landscape architect

Planting trees through Trees for Sacred PlacesNow is the time to get trees in the ground! Maryland has an ambitious goal to plant 5 million trees by 2030. Thanks to the 5 Million Trees Initiative and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, IPC is now able to provide access to free tree plantings to both congregations and private landowners in Maryland. This exciting partnership will allow IPC to connect even more folks across Maryland with tree planting opportunities. 

What Plantings are Eligible?

  • All private landowners and congregations in the State of Maryland are eligible
  • All plantings from 10 trees up are eligible
  • Large plantings of 1/2 an acre or more will be high density
  • Smaller plantings will be landscape trees

Request Maryland Trees

Whether you are at an urban, suburban or rural congregation or landowner, we might be able to help you achieve success with a tree planting project. Even if you don’t know how many trees can be planted on your site that is OK – just fill that field on the Trees for Sacred Places Interest Form HERE with a “0”. We will work with you and our technical partners throughout the region to come up with a planting and project plan that works for you/your congregation.

Want to learn more about the importance trees and benefits they provide?

What is the Climate Solutions Now Act?

The Maryland Climate Solutions Now Act (CSNA) was adopted in 2022. It commits Maryland to some of the most ambitious climate goals in the country. Specifically, the state will reduce its greenhouse gases by 60% by 2031. The state will complete an overarching plan, due December 2023, and will require annual reports to ensure transparency and accountability.

Beyond these goals, CSNA also took a major step in refocusing Maryland on environmental justice. The law requires the Department of the Environment to identify communities disproportionately affected by climate change and work to build climate equity and resilience within those communities. These maps will allow all of state government to identify and direct more support to over burdened and underserved communities. The 5 Million Trees Initiative helps the State achieve this goal, aiming to plant 500,000 trees in underserved communities. These trees will help address urban heat islands, can create food forests, and provide important cooling and carbon sequestration. 

What does Maryland Climate Policy mean to you?

Climate Partners is working to create an equitable, sustainable future for all Marylanders. We believe that it will take all Marylanders for us to achieve these equitable goals! Climate Solutions Now Act is a great first step, but legislation alone won’t be enough. All Marylanders can play a role in helping us move towards a climate-friendly future. Step one is to understand and discuss how climate is impacting you. Step two is to identify what changes you can make in your home, your community, and in your local and state governments.

One of the changes you can make to help Maryland move towards a climate-friendly future is planting trees! Trees can be planted on congregational or private land through our current Trees for Sacred Places program. 

What is Climate Partners

Climate Partners is a network of organizations working to help Maryland achieve equitable climate goals. We believe that strong public participation, transparency, and accountability are essential, and that we must work to help Marylanders understand how climate change is impacting them, and how climate solutions will personally benefit them.


          Maryland Forest Service works with Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake