At Towson Presbyterian Church (TPC) we strive to celebrate and care for God’s creation by leading both our congregation and the community at-large in addressing the growing environmental concerns we face. As a certified Earth Care Congregation of the PCUSA, we teach children and adults how to treat the earth more gently, encourage lifestyles of consuming, conserving and sharing that promote a sustainable environment, and support public efforts to better care for the environment that are fair and just to the vulnerable and the poor.

TPC proudly grows an Intergenerational Garden on the church’s yard across the side street from our building. There, both children and adults come together in the garden, not only learning how to garden, but also about the interdependence of our ecosystem, the importance of sustainable practices in agriculture, and the benefits of eating healthy foods grown locally. All the food grown and harvested in the garden is donated to the hungry via local food pantries.

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