Contact Mollie Rudow [email protected] (443) 926-4559

Great Blue Heron are iconic figures of the Bay,

and common sights along the waters edge and in Chesapeake art. Join the Saint Alban's Episcopal Church green team and Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake as we venture to the heron rookery at the Salisbury Zoo, hoping to catch a peek of these iconic birds! We'll start the trip with an interfaith opening reflection by Reverend Margaret Brack of Saint Alban's Episcopal Church, before setting down the path in search of Great Blue Heron. Along the way, we'll learn heron facts, and hear about how Wicomico waters have changed from Salisbury local and Wicomico Environmental Trust Creekwatchers Coordinator, Susan Parker. Reverend Frieda Malcolm will close out the walk with an interfaith reflection.

Please wear comfortable walking shoes, bring water, and dress for the weather. 

Find IPC staff and the Saint Alban's Episcopal Church green team near the East Zoo entrance on Park Lake trail under the "Don't Feed the Geese" sign, with parking by Ben's Red Swings playground off Beaver Dam Drive. We'll gather at 2:00, and set off promptly at 2:05. Please call (443) 926-4559 or email [email protected] with and questions!

Will you come?